Team of Instructors!

The Academy was founded, owned and operated by the Hufana Family since 1991.  The following is a list of the Academy's active Black Belt Instructors who continue to "lead the pack" in skill, knowledge and character.  A list of our  "Associate Schools" authorized to teach the official HTAI Arnis Curriculum is also provided below.    


HTAI ARNIS Headquarters Instructors (effective 07/06/2018)

  • Myrlino P. Hufana - Punong Guro (HTAI Founder, Grandmaster)
  • Michael R. Hufana - Senior Guro (HTAI Chief Instructor)
  • Dave Devore - Maestro (HTAI Senior Instructor)
  • Paul Quinn - Maestro (HTAI Senior Instructor)
  • Edward "EJ" Sabiniano - Senior Guro (HTAI Senior Instructor)
  • Kevin Schultz - Senior Guro (HTAI Instructor)

BMAA TAEKWON-DO Instructors (07/06/2018)

  • Myrlino P. Hufana - Kwan Jang Nim (Dojang Head, Black Belt Master Instructor)
  • Michael R. Hufana - Sabumnim, 4th degree Black Belt (Chief Instructor)
  • Lizelle R. Hufana - Sabumnim, 4th degree Black Belt (Assistant Chief Instructor)
  • Gary Bruestle - Kyosanim, 3rd degree Black Belt (Assistant Instructor

Authorized Associate HTAI Schools

  • HTAI ANAHEIM, CA - Maestro Edwin T. PeregrinoWebsite                                                                                                                   - Classes:  Tuesday & Thursday, 8pm - 9:30pm
  • HTAI KETCHIKAN, AK - Guro Clint M. ShultzWebsite                                                                                                                           - Classes:  Wednesday, 6:30pm - 8pm

Updated 07/22/2018