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Welcome to Bellevue Martial Arts Academy!  We offer the best traditional martial arts training in TAEKWONDO (ITF Patterns) and FILIPINO COMBATIVE ARTS (Arnis, Eskrima, Kali) since 1991.  We have an excellent program for Children ages 5-12 in our KIDS Taekwondo, scheduled 3x a week, 1-hour each class.  We also have separate classes for teens and adults that focuses more on fitness, overall body coordination, self-esteem and realistic, practical self-defense through our TAEKWONDO or HTAI ARNIS programs.  For further details on the programs, visit the Taekwondo page or HTAI Arnis page.  

The best time to start was yesterday.  The next best time is today!  Come for your FREE trial class or two and start your experience of a life-time!